fundies are so predictable…


I am sure that pat robertson or another fundy will have some idiotic thing to say about tropical storm/hurricane Sandy.

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A-theist vs. A-deist

I get that an atheist is “not” a theist, but isn’t adeist (“not” a deist) just as useful if not more specific?

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Mitt Romney – flops so fast people get hit by the shrapnel

I have been watching the recent debate articles from DKOS with interest and apprehension regarding Mitt Romney and his ability – or – interest in saying anything to get elected.

Yes, this is an atheist blog. Yes this article is heavy on politics. And yes, this will come around to religion soon. Bear with me. Continue reading

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Republican candidate Fuqua endorses death penalty for rebellious children

Submitted without comment.

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Ramblings about hypocrites and the false pious

I just made a posting on a christian blog: in response to some inanity regarding prayer doing something. I was looking for updates to the Hena Akhter story posted elsewhere on this site, and I found an article with some value from the christian blog mentioned above. Continue reading

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Rainbow day/Pride Day at Six Flags over Atlanta

My wife, son and I went to Six Flags as his annual birthday gift – he turned 14 this year, and I don’t have to ride with him any longer (thank FSM). Instead, I can settle into my favorite public pastime: people watching.

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Hide the Bible

In hotelier circles, there must be a concept that every person who stays in a hotel room will drift off to sleep, a bedside-table-bible perched across the chest open to a page alternating between red and black type on tissue-thin paper; the sleeper dreaming of man finding or denying faith in a bronze-age-world. How else would one explain the abundance of bibles – sometimes more than one per room – available in motels, inns, lodges and hotels; from pay-by-the-hour to weekly to nightly; in all regions of the country from the deep south to the liberal northwest? Continue reading

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