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Happy Zombie Jesus Day – or Google doing it right

Put away the fish sammiches, it’s Zombie Jesus Day! I’ll be spending mine at home with my family, engaging in a little debauchery like board games, dirt bikes, movies (Shaun of the Dead anyone?), and imbibing on copious amounts of … Continue reading

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punchline in need of a joke

I just thought of a great punch line in need of a joke: “Altar boys in burqas” Someone help me out here…

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Islam, the religion of nothing

It’s been a while since nothing has happened to those who killed Hena Akhter. Daily, nothing happens and is joined by other first-world problems like not having a spare spark plug for the lawnmower (oh, the humanity!), McDonalds wrappers left … Continue reading

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Where’s Bryan Fischer’s morality?

Regarding our most recent (it pains me to have to use that adjective) mass murder on US soil – specifically the most recent (pain, again) at a school, Bryan Fischer, Director of Issues Analysis for the American Family Association (AFA), … Continue reading

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A-theist vs. A-deist

I get that an atheist is “not” a theist, but isn’t adeist (“not” a deist) just as useful if not more specific?

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Mitt Romney – flops so fast people get hit by the shrapnel

I have been watching the recent debate articles from DKOS with interest and apprehension regarding Mitt Romney and his ability – or – interest in saying anything to get elected. Yes, this is an atheist blog. Yes this article is … Continue reading

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Republican candidate Fuqua endorses death penalty for rebellious children

Submitted without comment.

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Ramblings about hypocrites and the false pious

I just made a posting on a christian blog: in response to some inanity regarding prayer doing something. I was looking for updates to the Hena Akhter story posted elsewhere on this site, and I found an article with … Continue reading

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Tell That To A Plant, How Dangerous Carbon Dioxide Is

‘Tell That To A Plant, How Dangerous Carbon Dioxide Is’ says gramatically-challenged presidential candidate and failed science experiment, Rick Santorum. What a fucking dolt. This is somebody that a plurality of republican voters want to sleep in the White House … Continue reading

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The sick fucks at Irvine Emmanuel Lutheran

Call me naive, but I thought the Lutherans were more like Garrison Keillor than Baptist fundies. Here’s the story: Religious family tells kid that smoking is bad and to not do it. 15 year-old Kid buys a lighter (and potentially … Continue reading

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