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Happy Zombie Jesus Day!

It’s Easter, the day that commemorates the Xstian traditional, biblical story where Jesus becomes a zombie. A zombie, you ask, mockingly? Of course, I chortle, dismissingly. After all, what is a Zombie? Wikipedia describes a zombie as “either a fictional … Continue reading

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Religious Evil

If you want to see religious evil today, please don’t restrict yourself to africa or the middle east. The US has lots to spare with the current republican onslaught against women and against the social systems that have allowed the … Continue reading

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I wonder what happened to Christine O’Donnell

Nevada politics will never be the same again…Harry Reid tries to quench the unholy hunger of the Tea baggers by trying to be more puritanical than thou and Sharron Angle mans up and enters the fray for the US House. … Continue reading

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Aid to Japan

If you can spare it, please donate to the relief effort in Japan. I gave $100 this morning via the Richard Dawkins Foundation effort, “Non Believers Giving Aid“. 100% of the donations go to the Red Cross.

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george w. bush penis

So I saw that someone found this site today by using these search engine keywords: george w. bush penis I feel that my life has meaning now, that I have finally made it to the big time when people can … Continue reading

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Politician response to the attempted assassination of Gabrielle Giffords

Some unhinged assbag decided that ending the life of one politician was a way to make a statement. He made a statement, only I think it is a statement he didn’t intend to make. It did, however, provide an opportunity … Continue reading

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John McCain and DADT

So senile John McCain thinks that today is “a very sad day” because our senators and representatives collectively repealed DADT. Why is John “I used to have integrity” McCain backpedaling over his original promise to do whatever the “leadership of … Continue reading

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