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Hey, gun nuts

Want to go back to the good ol’ days of the 1950’s? Guess what? You couldn’t get assault rifles (or their contemporary equivalents) then at all. (See Is that why there were so many school shootings then?? Not a … Continue reading

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Tell That To A Plant, How Dangerous Carbon Dioxide Is

‘Tell That To A Plant, How Dangerous Carbon Dioxide Is’ says gramatically-challenged presidential candidate and failed science experiment, Rick Santorum. What a fucking dolt. This is somebody that a plurality of republican voters want to sleep in the White House … Continue reading

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The lying elephant in the room

I guess it should not surprise me any more. Politicians are well-known for lying, but mostly it’s half truths that can be easily excused or argued away. Little white lies that endear rather than embarrass. Did it start with Clinton … Continue reading

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She’s still crazy eyes to me

She almost looks like she has some native American in her. The long flowing dark hair. The collared shirt that hides beads just underneath…hovering above her powdered bosom…her tanned skin drawing a contrast against the lighter top then complementing the … Continue reading

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Rick Perry’s stadium idiocy

The response So, Rick Perry, the for-the-time-being governor of the once great state of Texas had his little rally, despite the obvious violation of law, the ignorance of scripture and protests by: and others: The faithful filled approximately 30k out … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin on a motorcycle

The headline sounds like what you would say after hitting your thumb with a hammer or after seeing Sarah Palin on the back of a motorcycle. Sarah Palin on a motorcycle! Jesus Christ on a Popsicle stick! Sarah Palin. On … Continue reading

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Praying for rain

Rick Perry, the governor of Tejas decided to thwart god’s will by pleading for him to stop…um…not raining. In fact, it is not only Gov. Perry who decided to interfere with god’s mighty plan for humankind (or at least texas-kind) … Continue reading

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