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Gays “hate” god(s) – another American Family Association projection

So, from Kevin McCullough, the new host of Today’s Issues program from the American Family Association, courtesy of Right Wing Watch: While discussing the Boy Scouts of America’s decision to include gay members under the age of eighteen, McCullough claimed that … Continue reading

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Happy Zombie Jesus Day – or Google doing it right

Put away the fish sammiches, it’s Zombie Jesus Day! I’ll be spending mine at home with my family, engaging in a little debauchery like board games, dirt bikes, movies (Shaun of the Dead anyone?), and imbibing on copious amounts of … Continue reading

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punchline in need of a joke

I just thought of a great punch line in need of a joke: “Altar boys in burqas” Someone help me out here…

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Islam, the religion of nothing

It’s been a while since nothing has happened to those who killed Hena Akhter. Daily, nothing happens and is joined by other first-world problems like not having a spare spark plug for the lawnmower (oh, the humanity!), McDonalds wrappers left … Continue reading

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Hey, gun nuts

Want to go back to the good ol’ days of the 1950’s? Guess what? You couldn’t get assault rifles (or their contemporary equivalents) then at all. (See Is that why there were so many school shootings then?? Not a … Continue reading

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Where’s Bryan Fischer’s morality?

Regarding our most recent (it pains me to have to use that adjective) mass murder on US soil – specifically the most recent (pain, again) at a school, Bryan Fischer, Director of Issues Analysis for the American Family Association (AFA), … Continue reading

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Newtown, CN – My thoughts are with you

If I were religious, I’d be saying that the shooter will burn in hell! But since I’m intelligent and thoughtful, I will instead wonder what drove that man to do such a violent thing, and work towards restricting access to … Continue reading

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