Gays “hate” god(s) – another American Family Association projection

So, from Kevin McCullough, the new host of Today’s Issues program from the American Family Association, courtesy of Right Wing Watch:

While discussing the Boy Scouts of America’s decision to include gay members under the age of eighteen, McCullough claimed that gay people hate God: “One thing that is absolutely true is that people that live active and activist homosexual lifestyles absolutely, rigidly hate the God of Scripture. There is no doubt about that, they absolutely do. People that struggle with it and try to work it out, they’re in a different category. But the people that are activists about it, they despise the God of the Bible and there is nothing short of that that can be understood.”

Now, I have to assume that he is talking about gay men and not gay women, as seems to be the most common of themes amongst the right wing. I know some people in the LGBT community, and a number of them are men. I don’t remember any of them saying that they “hate” anyone, really. Maybe their last hairdresser. Or whoever was hired to put clothes on those gals from Jersey Shore…

I’d think that they would be attracted to the most common depiction of god. Long flowing mane of white hair. Strong rugged face. Luscious lips. Hair…The image of god from the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel must drive gay men crazy.

A picture of a sexy god

god fingers some guy – how’s this not gay?

“Hate” god? I imagine that they may fantasize about him during sexy times and call out for the big bear.

Mr. McCullough seems to have a bead on what “people that live active and activist homosexual lifestyles” think, even asserting that they rigidly assert their feelings.

Something tells me that he rigidly faps to the tiny penis in the painting and gets frustrated that jesus never calls…



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