Islam, the religion of nothing

It’s been a while since nothing has happened to those who killed Hena Akhter. Daily, nothing happens and is joined by other first-world problems like not having a spare spark plug for the lawnmower (oh, the humanity!), McDonalds wrappers left strewn about, and the X-Box “Ring of Death”. Meanwhile, the same nothing continues to plague the monolithic Islamic, fatwah-spewing, woman-despising  mullahs, and, like the Roman Catholic church, nothing will continue to be the best way forward in addressing modern needs in modern times.

For those who don’t want to take the link from above, Hena Akhter was killed while being caned for being the victim of a rape, since she was guilty of allowing a man who is not her relative to see and use her genitals against her will. Instead of learning a lesson about how woefully out-of-touch the religion and its teachings are over things like a woman’s role in rape, the leaders of this backwards, bigoted, and destructive religion continue to sentence girls to caning for things they are not capable of doing, or things that were forced upon them. What. The. Fuck. For fuck’s sake, (in mohammed’s name), why must a girl in the Maldives be sentenced to 100 lashes for ‘fornication’ – the fornication brought on by years of sexual abuse at the hands of her step-father with the knowing approval of this girl’s mother? What did she do? Forget to take out the trash one night? Was her burqa improperly showing too much eyelid?

Shit like this has to stop. If there was any truth to the xtian religion, Zombie Jesus would put that religion out of its and everyone else’s misery. Since there’s not, I join Christopher Hitchen’s desire to turn the middle east into glass. By now, it is far too obvious that Islam cannot change.

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