Mitt Romney – flops so fast people get hit by the shrapnel

I have been watching the recent debate articles from DKOS with interest and apprehension regarding Mitt Romney and his ability – or – interest in saying anything to get elected.

Yes, this is an atheist blog. Yes this article is heavy on politics. And yes, this will come around to religion soon. Bear with me.

Recent polls have Romney up by at least four points over Obama – no outright friend of the freethought cause – but better than any conservative will be for the freedom from religion. Why has the country failed to remember the past? Don’t they remember the ridicule we suffered after bush was elected for a second term? The conservative movement has no relation to the modern era. Their policies, their platform, and their people want to live in the past…when the cold war was the major cause for concern (idiot romney comment), when our presidents and politicians were statesmen (idiot romney comment) and when presidents or their aspirants observed and respected the separation between church and state (idiot ryan comment).

Listen, if you can’t vote for obama for Mitt’s lousy social policies (take away health care, social security, medicare, etc.) then hate him and vote for obama for Mitt’s bass-ackward religious views: He’s a mormon for pete’s sake. He believes that the god associated with jeebus lives on a planet called kolob. His underwear magically protected him from being burned. His religion SHITS on most tenets of traditional (or at least, non-mormon religious) tenets.

Mitt (along with all the other conservatives) wants to kill social programs. Well, this may come as a shock – a shock I tell you:

America is not a democratic society – we are a representative government and SOCIAL PROGRAMS WORK.

They fucking work.

They sure saved our butts during the depression. And after vietnam. And pretty much after every republican was voted to the presidency.

So this is my appeal to every conservative watching the debates tonight, secretly or proudly wishing that the nigger will get squashed by the lily white mormon. Think twice about voting for someone who violates your faith. He is not one of you. He belives that your jeebus visited the continent of North America. He believes that the native americans (indians) are descended from the biblical cain. He isn’t your candidate. Maybe obama isn’t your candidate either, but at least you will be able to sleep easier at night knowing that the mormon church isn’t running our country.

For the rest of you: He believes that black people, gays and lesbians, liberals, those who live in poverty, college students, and the elderly just want to suck the federal teat – he isn’t your candidate. don’t vote against your best interests.

Apologies to the deceased Douglas Adams for butchering his line in the subject for this lousy excuse for a blog posting.


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