Ramblings about hypocrites and the false pious

I just made a posting on a christian blog: http://blog.christianitytoday.com/women/2011/04/it_must_stop.html in response to some inanity regarding prayer doing something. I was looking for updates to the Hena Akhter story posted elsewhere on this site, and I found an article with some value from the christian blog mentioned above. The comments to the story were typical claptrap from the fundies, with a bit of surprising misogyny bashing that I found refreshing. This from the religion of Todd Akin of the “legitimate rape” line of thought. I could not, however, hold my virtual tongue when I saw the obligatory article about prayer:


So I wrote this response. I captured the screen since I have no confidence they will keep it online. Enjoy:


Here is the text:

Kristen said, “We can send support to our missionaries who witness these atrocities. And we can PRAY UNTIL SOMETHING HAPPENS or, in other word, PUSH.”

Here is the reality of your statements: “I am willing to do nothing and hope it gets better.” If you want to make a change, give money to organizations who want to make a difference not in the name of your god or anyone else’s god, but who want to make a change because it’s the RIGHT THING TO DO. There are good unaffiliated organizations with a much greater reach who can bring about the kind of change that will cause cases like Hena Akhter’s to no longer exist.

Praying does nothing. It is, in fact, a way to act like you are doing something when really not.

I don’t care if you believe in the christian god or the god of moses or the god of muhammad. I don’t care if you believe in zeus or poseidon. As long as you do something tangible, not fold your fingers and prey (spelling intentional) or sit behind a keyboard and make comments to sound pious.

You think lashes for adultery is only something that is driven by the Taliban? You think that Sharia is something only dreamed up by muslim men?
Think about these items:
1) rape is the responsibility of the woman (misogyny)
2) Women dress provocatively which drives men wild (thus the burqa. Or long dresses that cover the ankles.)
3) women don’t have the knowledge to manage their own bodies
4) women should be submissive to their husbands (and men in general)

All of these are statements from christian men (and women) or from
christian church doctrine. They also happen to be things that Sharia law and the people of muhammad share in common with their western brethren.

I’m uninterested in getting anybody to fall off the christ wagon. If it makes you happy, then continue to believe. Just understand that there are things one can do that really matter – more than sending bibles to africa where they cannot even help a starving child. That, by the way is a very pessimistic view: The organizations think that saving the children’s health is a lost cause, so they don’t even bother. “Better”, they say “to have health in the afterlife”. That is a very pessimistic and evil attitude.

Update 8/28/12

As suspected, my response at christianitytoday was taken down overnight.

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