Tell That To A Plant, How Dangerous Carbon Dioxide Is

‘Tell That To A Plant, How Dangerous Carbon Dioxide Is’ says gramatically-challenged presidential candidate and failed science experiment, Rick Santorum. What a fucking dolt. This is somebody that a plurality of republican voters want to sleep in the White House next to the big red button? The fact that he is a shameless religious panderer who wears his faith on his sleeve (in violation of his own biblical teachings) who wants to control women’s uteri is not silly enough…he really shows that he wants to move the US back to the iron age, a time when science equated sorcery.

I truly am concerned for the future of our country with the election after Obama’s second term with Palin or Bachmann running against an unknown democrat. Religious nutjob versus progressive compromiser.

Of course, we didn’t do too badly with the last unknown…


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