March 11, 2012 – Sunday Cigar

At the end of February, I ordered a sampler box of Nicaraguan Churchill cigars from JR Cigars. In the pack were hand-made smokes with names like Flor de Farach Francisco, José Martí Don Juan, La Finca Churchill, and Remedios Clemenceau. All of the cigars are 7 1/4 inches at 54 ring.

A long smoke in the best conditions.


The cigars arrived to me a little worse for wear, but a few weeks in the humidor helped rehabilitate them to a smokable state. I also ordered a Cigar Mechanic which helped. For this Sunday’s smoke, I opted for the Remedios Clemenceau, a dark amber package with a wonderful pre-smoke aroma.

I snipped the end off like a mohel on the 8th day might, and fired the other end with my favorite windproof. The draws were a little loose but not cigarette-like – a bit tighter roll would have benefited this smoke. Otherwise, the flavor was not overwhelming, although not as rich as I had expected.

After a smoke – especially from a 7-inch cigar – I expect the flavor to invade my sinuses and greet me throughout the rest of the day. This smoke didn’t stay with me as much as, say a Hoyo might…its effect was more along the lines of a natural Macanudo. Still, at the online price of $4.75, it was a good smoke that doesn’t require that I break my son’s piggy bank. This is a moderately mild smoke with a fair smell. Rather than the “stinkers” your pop used to smoke, this one would probably be allowable at outdoor functions.

As a warning to other customers of JR Cigar (and as an alert to JR Cigar), note that there are two checkout pages: One protected (https://) and one not (http://). Be sure that you are on the first type. If you find yourself entering your credit card information on the unprotected http page, simply add the letter “s” where it makes the difference and go to that page. That worked for me…


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