Carey Mulligan – Adorable

This post is not related to religion, atheism, politics, or anything else I promote here. Apologies if you are one of the handful of people who even know this site exists and expected some article where I attempt to provide scathing wit and offer hard-hitting analysis of folks who engage in hypocrisy the the detriment of others. I’ll try to be better in the future.

For now…


Carey Mulligan

I am smitten. SMITTEN, I tell you. But not in that creepy, stalker-y way. Ms. Mulligan is a real beauty, a fine actor, and I’m sure a great person. She is beautiful and precocious in the vein of Drew Barrymore or Liv Tyler, or further back, like Liz Taylor.

Here’s hoping that Ms. Mulligan has a long career, saved from drugs and other career-ending (or at least career-stalling) insanity. I have no idea what her personal views on religion are, but unless she is a fire-breathing fundie or exhibits/demonstrates irrationality in terms of the belief in one or more gods, then I will search out her various media projects and contribute to her fandom.



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