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The lying elephant in the room

I guess it should not surprise me any more. Politicians are well-known for lying, but mostly it’s half truths that can be easily excused or argued away. Little white lies that endear rather than embarrass. Did it start with Clinton … Continue reading

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The sick fucks at Irvine Emmanuel Lutheran

Call me naive, but I thought the Lutherans were more like Garrison Keillor than Baptist fundies. Here’s the story: Religious family tells kid that smoking is bad and to not do it. 15 year-old Kid buys a lighter (and potentially … Continue reading

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Cainwreck is OUTTA HERE

Posting to continue now that Herman Cain is no longer on the short list for the Republican nomination to the presidency. The only real threat to having a candidate who won’t use religion to bash the US is Michelle Bachmannnnnnn, … Continue reading

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