God Hates Believers

God Hates Believers

That has to be the reason that, after repeated attempts to get their gawd’s attention, Texas is still suffering. These are biblical-style afflictions, too: Pestulance, drought, wildfires, deaths. Other areas of the country have received rain. Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana…the south in general has had sufficient rainfall even without intercessory prayers from pompous and cynical governors.

Pat Robertson says that natural disasters happen for political and social reasons that he is championing. Michelle Bachman also believes that gawd does things based on political and cultural memes. Because Texas tried so hard and failed so miserably, I can’t help but think that gawd just hates those who pray to him. Pray to this gawd character, and he will withhold whatever it is that you are praying for. Or worse. He may be doing the opposite of what you are asking for.
See Rick Perry – Rainman for more


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