She’s still crazy eyes to me

Michelle "Crazy Eyes" Bachman

Michelle "Crazy Eyes" Bachman

She almost looks like she has some native American in her. The long flowing dark hair. The collared shirt that hides beads just underneath…hovering above her powdered bosom…her tanned skin drawing a contrast against the lighter top then complementing the dark material in her jacket.

Her bat-shit crazy eyes.

On Meet-the-press last weekend, which I couldn’t finish watching since the television broke. OK…it broke after I kicked it out of the window after heaving it across the floor once I heard her utter “Where do you stand on the Constitution, are you competent and do you share my views” in response to the questions “would you appoint (an atheist)” then “(an openly gay person)” to your cabinet?

Since she has made it clear that she has disdain for Atheists and for the gay and lesbian lifestyle, the only way to make sense out of the statement “Where do you stand on the Constitution, are you competent and do you share my views” is to discombobulate her thusly:

As long as a gay person honors the constitution of the Unites States (you know the one…the one that says that all men are created equal (except for gays, lesbians, and atheists. And those darn dirty liberals.), is competent (meaning that they have to be smart, but not too smart like those college educated elites) and must hate gays and lesbians with all their might.

To shorten…A gay can serve on her cabinet if they hate themselves.

That sounds like a conservative republican, to me.



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