Sarah Palin on a motorcycle

The headline sounds like what you would say after hitting your thumb with a hammer or after seeing Sarah Palin on the back of a motorcycle.

Sarah Palin on a motorcycle!

Jesus Christ on a Popsicle stick!

Sarah Palin.

On a motorcycle.

A Harley, nonetheless.


A passenger.

Where the bitch sits.

Palin, who wants to lead the country (Lead: drive, pilot, man the helm) is content to sit in the back and let someone else drive? Of course, she made a lot of noise beforehand, pumping up the crowd, like she did as governor. Then she let someone else drive…like she did as governor.

One quality that we need in a leader is a moderate risk taking mentality. Obama showed his with the passage of the health care bill and with the orders to take out Osama bin Laden. Bush/Cheney/Rumsfield (at least one of ’em) showed a penchant for risk taking as well. Theirs wasn’t moderate risk taking. Theirs was high risk, fanciful and dangerous.

Palin is dressed head to toe in leather (which is for safety), and riding as a passenger (so she doesn’t have to make any decisions or take responsibility if anything goes wrong). She is, however, taking a moderate risk by wearing a half-helmet rather than a full-face. Is that a reflection of a risk assessment? Perhaps. However, I believe she is wearing the half helmet so she can ham for the camera. Not a risk evaluation, but rather the only option she had as riding without a helmet is against the law. She probably thinks its against gawd’s law as well.

To all those who think that Palin (Sarah, not Bristol) is suitable to run the country, look at this event as an illustration of how she will approach governing every citizen. She will be a pandering, safe, vanilla, hapless person in a position that demands thoughtfulness, intelligence, and risk taking.

Pandering and haplessness are all signatures of Congress, anyway.


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