Praying for rain

Rick Perry, the governor of Tejas decided to thwart god’s will by pleading for him to stop…um…not raining. In fact, it is not only Gov. Perry who decided to interfere with god’s mighty plan for humankind (or at least texas-kind) – he issued a thumb-in-god’s-eye proclamation for all Texans to tell god what a bad job he’s doing by not letting rain make it to the state.

God needs this like another hole in his son’s hand…

His proclamation which was authored on April 21 encouraged texans to pray from April 22 to April 24. Did it work? Here’s a helpful diagram to show the benefit of his leadership:

There it is. PRAYER WORKS!!! God relented and let forth his tears to provide his faithful servants with less than two-tenths of an inch of rain.

Stupid, patronizing Perry. Less religiosity and more governing from you, if you please.


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3 Responses to Praying for rain

  1. peddiebill says:

    Wonderful. It certainly fits with my own observations on the misuse of prayer.
    I guess you are familiar with the famous study by Darwin’s cousin Galton on the efficacy of prayer (see the post on my site) in which he used statistics to test the hypothesis that using the Anglican Book of Common Prayer to pray for the extension of life of the Royal family should result in the Royal family living longer – which they didnt. There is also a guy called the Wizard of Christchurch who dealt with a drought in the South Island of New Zealand by the simple expedient of waiting until the Met Office said it was going to rain. He then performed a Rain Dance and – wonders of wonders it rained, causing great consternation amonst the fundamentalists.

    • In the states there have been several tests as well as to the efficacy of prayer. ( I just revel in the tricks that believers put on themselves to believe this stuff.
      Believer: “god does everything for a purpose. When Aunt Mary’s kid died after being raped by that madman, it was god’s will. When the earthquakes and tidal waves wiped out Japan, it was the hand of god.”
      Observer: “It’s too damned dry in Texas.”
      Believer: “Let’s pray to god and entreat him to change his mind about not sending us rain”
      Observer: “But if god is doing this on purpose, and you suppose he has a “plan”, don’t you think you will incur the wrath of said god?”
      Believer: “Shut up”

      Mental gymnastics.

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