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Sarah Palin on a motorcycle

The headline sounds like what you would say after hitting your thumb with a hammer or after seeing Sarah Palin on the back of a motorcycle. Sarah Palin on a motorcycle! Jesus Christ on a Popsicle stick! Sarah Palin. On … Continue reading

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Hello, god. Did you forget about us?

Hello? tap, tap, tap Is this thing on??? Come on, everybody! Sing along!! Oooooooooooooh… Harold Camping sang his song doo dah doo dah Camping’s billboards now all gone oh, de doo dah day Waiting for rapture all night Waiting for … Continue reading

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So true

Once again, Mr. Wiggles shows some of the best understanding of contemporary artists. Used without permission (I I just never asked…sorry)

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The Rapture (or The End is here and I’m cumming!)

Open letter to the ignorant masses who believe in Rapture 2011 Rapture: “The state of being transported by a lofty emotion; ecstasy.” Bella Donna really fills me with “lofty” emotion… May 21, 2011??? You really think that the world will … Continue reading

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Praying for rain

Rick Perry, the governor of Tejas decided to thwart god’s will by pleading for him to stop…um…not raining. In fact, it is not only Gov. Perry who decided to interfere with god’s mighty plan for humankind (or at least texas-kind) … Continue reading

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As a Christian

Xtians, Jews, Muslims (and I imagine other world religions) use speech that immediately casts a wedge between their religion and all other people (not just other religions). They casually throw out the phrase “As a Christian”: As a Christian I … Continue reading

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