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Happy Zombie Jesus Day!

It’s Easter, the day that commemorates the Xstian traditional, biblical story where Jesus becomes a zombie. A zombie, you ask, mockingly? Of course, I chortle, dismissingly. After all, what is a Zombie? Wikipedia describes a zombie as “either a fictional … Continue reading

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Nigerian 419 scam – Mrs. Victory Komana

I recently received a 419 scam email from Mrs. Victory Komana. 419 emails, or “Nigerian scam” emails are social engineering scam email messages, designed to separate the recipient from their money by relaying a massage of sorrow, as is in … Continue reading

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Religious Evil

If you want to see religious evil today, please don’t restrict yourself to africa or the middle east. The US has lots to spare with the current republican onslaught against women and against the social systems that have allowed the … Continue reading

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