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Sister Marie Thornton makes a habit of theft

Sister Marie Thornton makes a habit of theft ( “Sister Marie Thornton, a Catholic nun who ran the finances of Iona College embezzled more than $850,000 and spent it on herself, federal prosecutors said Friday. The U.S. attorney in Manhattan … Continue reading

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Shirley Phelps Roper

Here’s a thought. The bible preaches that women should be in the kitchen or the bedroom and pregnant and not doing men’s work. shirley phelps is committing sins that were punishable by stoning in the bible. I wouldn’t mind having … Continue reading

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Why so angry, religious folks?

It was coincidental. Absolutely not on purpose. No predetermination at all. I’m not a god, you see. But this was timely and it hit me as hard as it does Jeff Dee. I recently finished listening to another hour of … Continue reading

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