Oil and Vinegar

Religion kills

Take a long look. These two beauty contestants forcibly held a two-year old boy down and poured olive oil and vinegar down his throat. Predictably, he vomited along with the other three children who were made to drink the mixture. The difference is that the other three children lived. The barely sentient meat bag on the right gave birth to the child whom she named “Jeziah”, which oddly in Hebrew means “sprinkling of the Lord”. Odd in that it should have been “sprinkling of the momma”, since she sure pissed on this kid’s life.

It was on the advice of the idiot on the left that the kids were fed Olive Oil, which, according to pseudoscience and superstition is supposed to get rid of demons. It was the boy’s momma who decided to include vinegar with the olive oil. The combination of the two ingredients and the physical restraint suffocated the child. I can only imagine the torture. I can only imagine what it was like to be that child and have your mother – the one whom you identify with above all others – the one whom you show true feelings – of love, or whatever is the equivalent for a two-year-old – have this monster pour a liquid into your throat that burns and fills your lungs with a foul stench and then choke you until you stop moving.

And imagine watching his two-year-old body, retching and convulsing with each breath – or attempt at breathing – until his body lies still…a small collection of bubbles like sea foam collected at the corner of his mouth…his face purple and pained with the echoes of his last gasps of putrid air. Here is how the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette put it:

…she gave the boy three doses of the oil and vinegar, holding his mouth shut for 10 minutes after the last one while he struggled.

Soon afterward, with no heartbeat or pulse, he stopped.

Here he is in better times:

So why would this child be put through such a violent and needlessly masochistic end? Because his momma thought he was possessed by the debbil! After his death, she displayed him so his sister could pray over his body, then she shoved his dead body into a closet for over a year.

Religious assholes are just going to say that this is a case of a deranged member of their religion, and that every walk of life – whether religious or not – has its share of this type of person. Well that may be so, but I don’t think I can remember a time in the last 20 years where someone who was nonreligious beat or choked a child to death because they thought the child was possessed. Hell, since we nonreligious don’t believe in a god, by default we don’t believe in the debbil. Or demons.

Religious folks, do me a favor…




Stop poisoning their minds with your religious mumbo jumbo.

Stop instilling hatred of fellow residents of this roller coaster of a ride called the “Earth”.

Just stop.


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