I wonder what happened to Christine O’Donnell

Nevada politics will never be the same again…Harry Reid tries to quench the unholy hunger of the Tea baggers by trying to be more puritanical than thou and Sharron Angle mans up and enters the fray for the US House.

On the other side of the country, beyond the unconstitutional school prayers and prayers before city council meetings, the hottest MILF (Mama Grizzly doesn’t hold a candle), Christine O’Donnell is nowhere to be seen. I don’t believe for a second that she will be on “Dancing with the Stars” since she couldn’t face having the show’s first negative numbers. I wonder what’s running through the handful of cells in her noggin. I’ll surely dream about her tonight, as I drift off fapping to her “I’m not a witch” video, comforted by the soft Downy goodness of my eggnog and pepperoni scented pillow with a life-sized reproduction of her face taped gently to the pillow case.

I like traffic lights. I like traffic lights. I like traffic lights. But only when they're green.Please open your mouth on live TV again, Christine. I miss that greatly.


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