Update on Hena Akhter, whipped to death to satisfy fatwa

Here’s an update on Hena Akhter, who was raped by a cousin and then sentenced to be whipped 101 times for her “participation” in adultery.

She’s still dead.

But her rapist is not. Nor are the judges who sentenced her. Nor are the doctors who declared that she was uninjured upon postmortem examination. There’s no justice.

Call him Allah, God, Zeus, whatever, there is no god. No supreme deity. Because no omniscient, omnipresent creator would allow things like this to go on.

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2 Responses to Update on Hena Akhter, whipped to death to satisfy fatwa

  1. Harry says:

    Look at all the evil going on in the world today. Where is it and who is behind it? In the Muslim world and in Black Africa. It may be politically incorrect to say this but the muslims and the blacks are simply savages. Neither group cares anything about human life. The hack their own to pieces, they whip 14 year old girls, they knife 3 month old babies in their beds. Can you think of a better way to decribe them than savages?

    • The issue boils down to the application of dogma. I could care less if they all worshiped Zeus as long as they stopped the application of such insanity as caning, rape, the suppression of women and the strict adherence to iron-aged text that was written by man in a time where such punitive measures may have been necessary to subjugate the masses. I know lots of muslim adherents who do not practice or condone this behavior. We have to be careful to not paint with too wide a brush.
      Muslim Black Africa is the same. Female genital mutilation, gang rapes and the like are abhorrent. However, there are many from that culture and that belief system who do not engage in or support those idiotic exhibitions of power.
      If you want to see religious evil today, please don’t restrict yourself to black africa or the middle east. The US has lots to spare.

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