Sister Marie Thornton makes a habit of theft

Sister Marie Thornton makes a habit of theft

( “Sister Marie Thornton, a Catholic nun who ran the finances of Iona College embezzled more than $850,000 and spent it on herself, federal prosecutors said Friday. The U.S. attorney in Manhattan said Thornton used funds from the suburban New York City school for her personal expenses from 1999 to 2009”

With a zeal and zest for living that must be the ‘Merkin alternative to fucking priests, this catholic escapee from a nunnery spent ten years amassing greater than three-quarters of a million dollars (€611,378.82 for our overseas friends). That’s $85k a year or $40.87 an hour. At $42.19 each, she could have purchased 20,147 habits.

She could have put two kids through one year at Allegheny College or 6 kids at Wichita State.

Or she could have embraced the tenets of her religion (or done what any Atheist might have done) and helped a child get a needed heart, lung, liver, kidney or pancreas transplant instead. Instead, she will be helping other inmates to polish their crosses.

What stands out to me is that the Holy See is not hiding her away in other colleges where she can continue to plunder at will. This, perhaps, is another example of the sexually-repressed, misogynistic nature of this religious institution. It’s also another example of hypocrisy within the church itself as well as a case study on cognitive dissonance. The dissonance is easy enough to point out: Nun spends her life defending the 10 commandments and outwardly displaying piety and humility while (for at least 10 years) inwardly enjoying the spoils of unearned wealth. The hypocrisy is in the difference between the treatment of a nun who has broken commandment 8/10 and a priest who buggers kids. (I don’t think there is a “Thou shalt not bugger little kids” in the list of commandments…even in Leviticus.) Nun commits a mortal sin and she is thrown to the cops. Priest plays penis peek-a-boo with an altar boy and he becomes Waldo.

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