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Oil and Vinegar

Take a long look. These two beauty contestants forcibly held a two-year old boy down and poured olive oil and vinegar down his throat. Predictably, he vomited along with the other three children who were made to drink the mixture. … Continue reading

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I found Jesus!

Magnet I found at Spencer’s Gifts. It’s on my ‘fridge now.

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After taking in the latest movie from Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, my feelings are mixed. I feel that I should like the movie more, especially with its strong anti-theology slant (actually, only anti-Abrahamic religions slant), but I just don’t … Continue reading

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I wonder what happened to Christine O’Donnell

Nevada politics will never be the same again…Harry Reid tries to quench the unholy hunger of the Tea baggers by trying to be more puritanical than thou and Sharron Angle mans up and enters the fray for the US House. … Continue reading

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Aid to Japan

If you can spare it, please donate to the relief effort in Japan. I gave $100 this morning via the Richard Dawkins Foundation effort, “Non Believers Giving Aid“. 100% of the donations go to the Red Cross.

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Caning – It has to be stopped

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Update on Hena Akhter, whipped to death to satisfy fatwa

Here’s an update on Hena Akhter, who was raped by a cousin and then sentenced to be whipped 101 times for her “participation” in adultery. She’s still dead. But her rapist is not. Nor are the judges who sentenced her. … Continue reading

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