george w. bush penis

So I saw that someone found this site today by using these search engine keywords:

george w. bush penis

I feel that my life has meaning now, that I have finally made it to the big time when people can type a search query and state (textually) in a loud strong voice:

george w. bush penis

and find my fine site. And while I sympathize with the brilliant author of that keyword phrase in his (or her) demand to see the past president’s roger, as I’m sure it sits limp, but proud under a banner that reads “Mission Accomplished”, listing a little to the left in his old man boxers, I cannot understand how the search engine put all those words together and brought the surfer in question to me. I understand the

george w. bush

part of it, but not

george w. bush penis

complete in the same article. But to make it easier for future web surfers to find me, I will pad the remainder of this article with this phrase and others in a like vein. (ha!) So dear reader, this is all of the thoughtful and meaningful part of this particular post. What remains is to spew forth additional search phrases sure to tickle the fancy of the anonymous surfer who dared to enter

george w. bush penis

into a search engine and into my life forever.


george w. bush penis

george w. bush Elephant penis

george w. bush republican penis

george w. bush Laura’s favorite penis

george w. bush roger

george w. bush mushroomhead

george w. bush cock

george w. bush tallywhacker

george w. bush weapon of minor destruction

george w. bush that’s-no-cigar penis

and I’m spent.



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