Update on Bangladeshi case

When last I blogged, it wasn’t known that the adult who raped the 14 year-old girl was the girl’s cousin. I though this took place in Bangladesh, not Alabama^. Well, I guess the Taliban really has infiltrated the US with Sharia law as the state leadership in Oklahoma feared.

Wait a minute…I am certain this is in Bangladesh. A brief google search for Islam and incest…wait a minute…there is…no prohibition between cousins. In fact, one article I read (Yes, it’s a Wikipedia article) says in fact that “marriages between cousins” is condoned “as they ensure purity of the descent line, provide intimate knowledge of the spouses, and ensure that patrimony will not pass into the hands of “outsiders.”

Another recent article states:

The girl was reportedly raped Sunday by her married cousin and then accused of having an affair with him. His family members beat her, and a village arbitration sentenced her to 100 lashings under Islamic Shariah law.

So, let’s get the score:

  • Cousin sexual relationship – OK
  • Sexual relationship with a 14-year-old – OK
  • Rape of a 14-year-old – OK
  • Adultery – NOT OK
  • Whose fault is adultery? Not the male.

Odd. It seems that “his family members” would be the same as “her family members”. Loving society, that one.


Yes, I know that I am placing a particularly western culture shadow on a social system and culture that is decidedly middle eastern, but allow me this. To me, a child is still a child until 16 or 17. It pains me to think that a child would be considered the aggressor in a sexual relationship with a person 20 years her senior and would have to be violently punished and ostracized for the accused behavior.

As Christopher Hitchens puts it in God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything,

“Religion poisons everything. As well as a menace to civilization, it has become a threat to human survival.”

^A brief Google search of +United-states +incest +rates had several articles that stated that Alabama was #1 and Alaska was #2 for incest, but none of these could be independently corroborated.

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