10:23 Campaign – Happy Overdose Day/week!!

From the official site:

The 10:23 Challenge is a follow-up to the ‘overdose’ protest staged by the 10:23 Campaign in 2010. International protesters from more than 10 countries, and more than 23 cities will gather for over the weekend of February 5-6 2011, to make the simple statement: Homeopathy – There’s Nothing In It.

Pseudoscience comes in a lot of forms, most dangerous and IMO none more so than homeopathy. The idea is absurd that you can be cured by diluting things that can kill you to such a small quantity that they are merely molecules suspended in water. But practitioners over the decades have decided that the water suspension “magically” transfers the opposite properties of the diluted bad stuff to the water itself (water memory). Pure hokum. Better put by the 10:23 campaign:

Of course, there is no good scientific evidence to suggest that water has such an ability, nor any indication of how it might be able to use this ‘memory’ to cure a sick patient.

So there’s nothing in the stuff that eventually is processed into capsules of sugar. Sugar capsules taste good, right? So maybe I’ll gain weight from the carbs. Nothing like a little exercise to work that homeopathy off, right? So what’s the harm?

Practitioners create homeopathic malaria vaccines and send people – who think they are protected – out to the world to die. Practitioners give out HIV vaccines in Africa leading people to believe that they will be protected from becoming infected. The examples go on and on. This sickens me. It should be illegal.

Support your local efforts to bring awareness to homeopathy. Have yourself a little overdose on homeopathy (not to be confused with naturopathy). It’s time to educate the masses. But remember to work off the additional carbs.


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