Bangladesh clerics arrested after girl whipped to death

Here we go again. A girl (14) was lashed with a bamboo cane seventy (70) times for allegedly having a “relationship” with a married man.

She died at 70 lashes.

She was supposed to be beaten 100 times.

I guess they’ll have to wait until she stops being dead to give her the remaining 30.

The power of religion and religious dogma in Bangladesh is astounding. Here it is, the year 2011, and we still have folks partying like it’s the bronze age. And this is yet another example of blaming the woman girl for actions (allegedly) performed by an adult. Male. Privileged member of society. Better than females because he doesn’t have to be saddled with childbirth. At least they are a step above dogs.
-note: Islamic law states that girls are considered to be women at age nine. NINE.

Oh yeah…the man fled, fearing 100 lashes – the same number originally allotted the girl. Maybe they will give him her final 30 lashes as well. Maybe they will let her relatives have a go at beating him. Whatever they do to him, it will be only 1/2 as bad as was done to her, if this article carries any weight. Of course, since she was killed during a fatwa with the presumption of guilt, then her family has already disowned her, so I guess her relatives are as likely take him to tea. Bastards.

I truly hate what religion does to people. And don’t give me the “you only have a few examples of what is otherwise a wonderful and peaceful religion”. Fuck you. I’m certain that this little girl was thinking about how wonderful it will be to sit next to mohammad. Oh, wait. That’s right. She won’t be seeing him, since she is at fault for this entire ordeal, even her own death, so pity her. She must have been feeling really bad about her lot in life.

The only thing that makes me less likely to vomit about this is that her fate, the adulterous man’s fate, my fate, and mohammad’s fate were and will be the very same: We will all slowly decompose and our bodies will feed organisms big and small so the earth can continue it’s cycle of life. Nobody will be going to any eternal reward on an ethereal plane.

There are no virgins waiting for anyone. Live life to its fullest while you are on this big blue ball, because once you’re gone, you are gone.

It sucks, but it is better than beating 14 year-olds because your peace loving god told you it was the right thing to do. Just put the cane down. You’ll sleep better tonight, I promise.


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