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george w. bush penis

So I saw that someone found this site today by using these search engine keywords: george w. bush penis I feel that my life has meaning now, that I have finally made it to the big time when people can … Continue reading

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Well dang

This Super Bowl turned into a better game than I thought it would be, what with John Madden getting friendly with Laura Bush. Actually, maybe George enjoyed it more. Getting down to the Prayin’ I don’t know which way to … Continue reading

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Superbowl Sunday

Well, it’s Sunday, the day of American Exceptionalism where we show the world that we have the best America Rules football team in the world (even though no team outside the US has played against any domestic team and despite … Continue reading

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Like Thomas Aquinas

“…in that your understanding of the world is also from the 13th century.” Colbert Report

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Update on Bangladeshi case

When last I blogged, it wasn’t known that the adult who raped the 14 year-old girl was the girl’s cousin. I though this took place in Bangladesh, not Alabama^. Well, I guess the Taliban really has infiltrated the US with … Continue reading

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10:23 Campaign – Happy Overdose Day/week!!

From the official site: The 10:23 Challenge is a follow-up to the ‘overdose’ protest staged by the 10:23 Campaign in 2010. International protesters from more than 10 countries, and more than 23 cities will gather for over the weekend of … Continue reading

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Bangladesh clerics arrested after girl whipped to death

Here we go again. A girl (14) was lashed with a bamboo cane seventy (70) times for allegedly having a “relationship” with a married man. She died at 70 lashes. She was supposed to be beaten 100 times. I guess … Continue reading

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