John McCain and DADT

So senile John McCain thinks that today is “a very sad day” because our senators and representatives collectively repealed DADT. Why is John “I used to have integrity” McCain backpedaling over his original promise to do whatever the “leadership of the military” said to do? (psssst: They said to get rid of it)

I think (and this is just my opinion based on his past history) that he is pandering to the new Tea Party Conservative base. Why does it matter to the neo-tea conservatives? (Here’s an idea: when neo-conservatives and tea party conservatives merge as they have for the new house and senate, we should call them teo-conservatives…teo-cons..maybe just idjuts) Teo-cons have the idea that teh gays cannot serve because they will attack and convert our straight soldiers. This is a bigoted and prejudiced position based on their bigoted and prejudiced bible.

If one comes to this argument from the non-default position of guidance from the bible, then not only should teh gays be banned from the military, they should be stoned to death.

If one comes to this argument from the default position that there is no god and no religion, therefore no bigoted assumptions about behaviors and no predetermined punishment for any behavior that does not directly contribute to the production of offspring, then there is no legitimate reason to prohibit their service.

If John “Sarah Palin is the best VP candidate” McCain is really serious about his opposition to DADT, then he should start working on his aim. If you religious folks are gonna believe in that shit, then you should believe in it all. You are commanded by your god to kill teh gays. If you disobey your god, then you are committing sin and will suffer in the pits of hell.

In fact, you are commanded to kill the infidel (me), so in the words of George W. Bush, “Bring it on”.


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